In Remembrance of my favorite Uncle

After my father passed, 6 month later, my favorite uncle passed.  It has been so hard on me loosing both of my favorite person in my family.  I will not forget them.  We had our great memories together even though things are good and bad.  Now I know that my father and Uncle Bill will rejoice in heaven and celebrate with Jesus.  I know that I will see them one day!  Uncle Bill, I will not forget you because we share the same birthday together!  I will always love you!!

As you can see the slide show that we were at Wachula at my uncle’s grove.  We had a great time BBQ, orange picking, hay ride etc.  It sure was great seeing everyone.  We all had a small talk about Uncle Bill and it sure was funny memories.  Cousins played so nice all day but NOT even one fought!  We all were surprised!  I’m pretty sure all the kids were knocked out after all the long days they had fun!

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2 Years Later!

Oh my goodness!  TWO years, has I been very busy!  You can say that!  I looked back at my blog journal it has been quite a long time.   I gonna add more stuff pretty soon what we have been doing for the last 2 years!  Oh you won’t believe how my girls have been dragging me into!    Looking forward to add more pictures & video etc.  As you can see the times has been running around and round and round!  I will try my best to upload more pictures this week so you will be all caught up what The Esposito have been doing!!!  STAY TUNE!

Tick Tock

All about Amber and Kaitlynn!

DSCN0591Amber ~ 9 years old and currently gifted 4th grade.  As I knew she’s going to be gifted 5th next Fall 2013.  I can’t believe time flies already.  She has grown so remarkable lady.   Amber loves to play soccer and basketball.  I have tried to get her into summer camp and all others activities – she refuse.   I decided to let her pick what she want to do during the summer.  As far as I know she wants to take cooking class.  Hopefully she’ll be a great CHEF in the future!

Kaitlynn ~ 6 years old and currently 1st grade.  She will be into 2nd grade next Fall 2013.  Wonder why my girls has grown so good and big!  Kaitlynn is very outdoor girl!  Sometime she can be stubborn but learning a lot everyday something NEW to her.  Now Katy is riding a BIG girl bike.  Katy also want some summer activities – gymnastic, swimming, and going over to Hannah’s house.

I will blog more later on during the summer season starts.  You will see what we have been doing over the summer!  Only 2 months of school left for them!  Time sure does flies!   Important part of my lesson is TAKE TONS OF PICTURES you will never miss anything what your child(ren) growing into!

Well, ciao for now!