All about Amber and Kaitlynn!

DSCN0591Amber ~ 9 years old and currently gifted 4th grade.  As I knew she’s going to be gifted 5th next Fall 2013.  I can’t believe time flies already.  She has grown so remarkable lady.   Amber loves to play soccer and basketball.  I have tried to get her into summer camp and all others activities – she refuse.   I decided to let her pick what she want to do during the summer.  As far as I know she wants to take cooking class.  Hopefully she’ll be a great CHEF in the future!

Kaitlynn ~ 6 years old and currently 1st grade.  She will be into 2nd grade next Fall 2013.  Wonder why my girls has grown so good and big!  Kaitlynn is very outdoor girl!  Sometime she can be stubborn but learning a lot everyday something NEW to her.  Now Katy is riding a BIG girl bike.  Katy also want some summer activities – gymnastic, swimming, and going over to Hannah’s house.

I will blog more later on during the summer season starts.  You will see what we have been doing over the summer!  Only 2 months of school left for them!  Time sure does flies!   Important part of my lesson is TAKE TONS OF PICTURES you will never miss anything what your child(ren) growing into!

Well, ciao for now!

boston stand as one


How many of you have watched the news about Boston Marathon Bombing?? I know I have since from Day 1 till they made the arrest of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.  It sure was sad to see those 294 injuries and 3 were killed.  Since you all know the whole stories!  I finally saw the post on Facebook that I decided to order the ‘boston stand as one’ t-shirt to pay the tribute for the people who were hurt.


B strong



Once my t-shirt arrived and the next day I received an email from Adidas.  I was so thrill to see how much Adidas have raise the money.  After I read this email from Adidas, I felt so good that I bought this shirt.



So my question for you all viewers out there – where were you at 2:40 pm on Monday April 15, 2013?  I know I was at the Dr. office for my daughter Kaitlynn yearly physical check up!

B Strong!


Ya miss me!?

Ya Miss Me

Wow!  Today is the day for met to check my wordpress blog!  I was wondering why I didn’t come back.  As you know, how busy I have been!  It is time for me to sit down and start on my blog!  My last blog was dated on DEC 6, 2011! Yes, 2011!! Oh goodness!  Where have I been?!?  I know you all miss my blog! I will try my best to come up better than nothing.  Well, time for me to start making list of BLOGS to do!!!  Be patience with me!!

Love you all!!



I know many of you know what’s STAND TOGETHER mean to you! It did show on Extreme Makeover TV show about Sirdeaner Walker, whose 11-year-old son died by suicide after experiencing bullying in school, has dedicated her life to ending bullying of all kinds, including bullying based on race, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or anything else that makes people different.

I can make the different in my family.  I have always talk to my girls to see how their school, friends and everything.  Always talk every day to have them express their feeling.

I remember 2 years ago when Amber was bully by one girl in her class.  This girl has been bullied Amber and telling her what to do, and making Amber feels upset and depression.  Glad that I caught her behavior when she first walked in the front door and we talked out together.  Finally, I have to get this stopped which I did send e-mail to her 1st grade teacher (name withheld), we talked back and forth.  The following next day, her teacher had a talk with this bully girl.  She got very upset about this.  I’m glad that I had this talk with Amber.  I’m thrilled that for 2 years later, Amber does not have her in her class at all.  That’s a start! Today, she LOVES her new friends and new class!! Not one of them are bully!  They all talk, share, and play nicely together!  YAY!

Now you can see the pictures below that Amber, Katy and Chloe did their pledge to stand together to stop the bully in school or everywhere!  They’re great friends together!  So now you can make the different in your daily life and for your children/nephew/niece or whoever you know.  Sign up and make a pledge!

Tori Spelling “uncharted terrTORI!” book signing in Tampa!!!

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(Sorry for taken so long to post blog)

This was taken on July 7 when we all wanted to meet Tori Spelling to sign all 3 of her newest books!!  We all finally get a chance to met her.  However, she did publish her new children book called “Tallulah.”  Can’t wait to buy this book but I already read it at BAM (Book-A-Million) it was a very good book!  Wish I could tell you what this all about but you have to read or buy the book!  Hopefully she’ll come out again to sign that “Tallulah” book here in Tampa!

Will inform you when Tori is coming to Tampa!!!!  Keep your eyes out for that!!!


Hunsader Farms – Bradenton, Florida

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Howdy Folks! Yep, we drove to Bradenton! Not to far from us but gonna love the sightseeing on the road.  Once we arrive there, I didn’t expect to be that BIG farms.  I walked in the Produce Market to sign in as a U-Pick. I read their contract stated if something happen to your car it is not their fault.  It is our responsibly to do what they want us to be careful. Another sign says, “Tomatoes – $1 a bag!” Awesome!

I saw the Country Stars on the Farm pictures. I just wish they were here so I can get a chance to met them in person! :) That would never happen to me – one day, I hope.

We drove and follow the path where we can find some vegetable to be picking.  We seen white Cadillac drove into the sand and got stuck.  Four strong guys helped them out. So we avoid that path and found a way to get around it. *Note to yourself do not do what this person did*  Our first pick was okra and white/purple eggplants! Some how I notice how sweaty my girls are! I decided to go back to our car and move down to tomatoes picking.  I told Richie to stay with the girls while the car running on high cold a/c to keep our girls cool.  Oh boy, I didn’t realize how HOT and HUMIDITY it was at the farm.  Richie and I take turns picking vegetables.  We both got very sweaty!  **Note to yourself, wear white tank top and hat**

Then we decided to go back to Produce Market.   Richie looked back and saw the family of Asian got stuck where the white Cadillac did before.  We backed up and helped them.  Guess what, Richie is the only ONE that help them.  I help interpreting for Richie and them.  Finally he got them out where the BAD spot are.  One nice lady came up to me and say “I don’t know what to do without you guys! Thanks for helping us!” I felt so good and found out that they are Christian! WOW – shiver me timber! How I know… I notice the magnet on back of their van “Upward Soccer.”

At the Produce Market, Amber and Katy bagged up the small potatoes which the signs say “$2 a bag!” WOW – what a great deal!  So now you can see that we have FIVE bags full of vegetables!  You all can do the math!  If you think all those vegetables that we gather: okra, white/purple eggplants, tomatoes, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, sweet corns, peppers (green, orange, yellow & PURPLE), and butternut squash!  If you think the answer would be more than $25+ ~ you’re guessing it wrong! I only spend on all of those are $15.99… It’s a great deal!  :) Did I say PURPLE peppers?!?  Yep, I actually did! I haven’t seen that before but can’t wait to taste it!!

We are definitely going back again for Pumpkin Festival around the last two weekends in October.  They’re having some activities going on for the young children:

*100 Craft Booths               * Pioneer Trades Village             * Homemade Ice Cream

* Live Country Music        * Hayrides and Pony Rides         * Pumpkins Galore

*Clogging Exhibitions       * Chainsaw Sculpting       * Farm Roasted Sweet Corn & BBQ

*Antique Flywheel Engines  * Corn Maze & Scarecrow Displays * Pumpkin Pie & more!

If you would like to know more about this Hunsader Farms.  You can look up the web site (FYI: They haven’t updated yet)  They only open mid-Sept thru mid-June 8-4 Mon – Sat.

Hunsader Farms
5500 County Road 675
Bradenton, Florida 34211
Farm (941) 322-2168
U-Pick Hotline (941) 331-1212

There are a lot of vegetables & fruits that you can pick.  Have fun and always remember to bring your own water bottles, snack, suntan lotion, sunglasses, & HAT!!!!  We forgot ours – what were we thinking!!!

Memorial Vacation – Palatka, FL

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Amber, Katy and I left New Port Richey on Friday night (May 28) to get away from the storms.  Good thing, we didn’t have any storms on I-75 northbound.  It was all good.  Girls were very cooperate with me all the way.  Meemaw was so happy that we arrived safe.  The following night, Amber had a high fever of 102.5.  I was rushed to Wal-Mart to get her the medication but I bought the Cough and Cold.  Amber went to bed!

Following Saturday (May 29) morning, Amber woke me up at 9:30am.  I’m shock that I slept all morning.  I really needed that!  Thanks girls for letting me sleep more! :) Amber told me that she felt so good.  One hour later, her fever went up just a little bit. I decided to go back to Wal-Mart again which I brought Kaitlynn along with me.  We went shopping for ourselves and for Lee and Chase birthday.  Again gave Amber the Children’s Advil medication (it does seem working better).  By 4pm, we all went to Blue Crab Festival at downtown Palatka.  First of all, we wanted to go on helicopter ride.  We waited in the line for about 1 hours and 30 min. Grandpa clocked the ride time and told me it was 1 min and 30 sec. I was like all that for $10 per person! Let’s see how it goes!  The first person get on the helicopter: Me and Katy!  Katy have no fear!  1 min and 30 sec later.  Grandpa and Amber went second.   Meemaw doesn’t want to go on a ride but at least did she rode on camel.

“It was great! I went with my mommy!  I see water, and flying up so high,” said Kaitlynn.

” AWESOME! I saw the water and the big bridge. And the people were so tiny.  I love all of it,” said Amber.

Oh, did you know that we went to Israel?!?  NOT! Girls didn’t get any fear of riding the camel.  We went to petting zoo.  As you see the picture of little brown goat, he’s only 4 weeks old!  Imagine how little this goat is!  I finally got a chance to feed him.  He’s so cute!  Amber and Kaitlynn tried to catch the guinea pigs.  They’re hard to catch but they got the baby bunnies.  We stayed at the Blue Crab till 8pm.  It sure does not feel like 4 hours of walking around and seeing all those good and funny things.  Once we got back home, Kaitlynn fast asleep!  I went straight to bed! I was dead tired!  Amber and Meemaw stayed up to watch movies “Bedtime Stories”.

On Sunday, May 30, We went to church. Afterward, we all went to Crescent Beach to see my old friend, Karen and Derek! Yep, it sure was fun hanging out with them.  Total of 5 kids are playing, jumping and talking! We the mothers are enjoying our time!  We left at 2:30pm!  By the time, we arrive back home, we miss the storms! WOW!  And no, we didn’t get any sunburn! That’s a start!

I finally get a chance to see my long overdue friends which I haven’t seen them in years!  Yep, its April and Jenn.  We chatted away but my girls like them! They talked to them and sit on their laps!  I love that!  We got a pictures of us together also April and I gave the bunny ears to my girls!  I just want to see all my old friends which I haven’t seen them  in ages!

After dinner, we celebrate Amber and Kaitlynn birthday early.  Which we won’t be coming up on 4th of July.  I have to work the next day! Bummer! I already gave Meemaw the boys (Lee and Chase) gifts if they’re coming down!  Amber and Kaitlynn LOVE their new sleepy bag.   It a good sleepy bag that we can always use in many years!

The next day, May 31, We took Meemaw to Davenport Park in St. Augustine.  Meemaw had a grand time there but the weather was just perfect! Not too hot for her!  Then I treat Meemaw to have some organic ice cream.  She loves the chocolate with walnuts topping. I had wild berry with granola topping.  Both girls have chocolate with mini M&M.  Why would they wanted M&M? Look like they have double chocolate!  Oh boy!

On the way back to Palatka, we just drove through the rain! Finally, my car definitely need a car wash. LOL!  I started to load up the stuffs in the car before we headed home.  We all says our good byes!  Amber cried that she doesn’t want to leave and wanted to stay here all summer long. I told her that she only have 9 more days till school over (June 9, that’s right).  We got home (New Port Richey) at 6:30pm! What a crazy days we’re having……